STYLE is so much more than the clothes that you wear; it is about discovering your own distinctive manner of expression. The art of alchemy is the process of transforming something common into something precious. StyleAlchemy is about taking the best parts of you and creating something exceptional.

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December 12, 2013

articles fashion vintage     matra brathwaite     22 Comments

Vintage Treasure Trove

Last week, after realizing that my clothes were bursting out of my closet, armoire and not one but two dressers, I dedicated an afternoon to a good and thorough clothing clean out. You know, the kind...

May 20, 2013

interviews style muse     matra brathwaite     3 Comments

Style Muse :: Interview with Kailey of Mermaidens

If you’re an avid style blog reader, there’s a very good chance that you’ve seen the brightly hued, Disney Princess inspired style of Kailey of the popular Mermaidens blog. We got a chance to find...

April 15, 2013

haute links lifestyle     matra brathwaite     1 Comment

The 100 Best Vintage Shops Online

If you’re a vintage enthusiast like me, then you might have spent hours upon hours trolling Etsy and eBay for the best in vintage finds. Why does it seem that vintage fashion never seems to...

March 27, 2013

crushin fashion style muse     matra brathwaite     3 Comments

NOW & THEN :: Bianca Jagger White Suit Inspiration

Since I draw so much inspiration from images from decades past, I knew I wanted a new series on StyleAlchemy that would explore and create outfits for NOW based on events that happened back THEN....

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