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September 17, 2007

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A little over two weeks ago, as I sat at an outside table enjoying dinner, I looked up and saw a group of women passing by. One of them I recognized immediately as this woman from The Sartorialist. Everything about her was the same from the hat to the proportions, the only thing missing was her bike.

 The Sartorialist’s Stop-Motion

Sart’s Spring-Bike-Rider

This immediately got me thinking about a signature style. With this particular hat, she definitely stands out and even if I hadn’t seen her on The Sartorialist, I would have noticed her anyway.

A couple of months ago, I felt the need to purge a lot of things from my closet that didn’t accurately represent me anymore. After noting what was kept, I still can’t pin down what my definitive style is! Except that it has always been eclectic and I find that I like what I like. (Which I believe is part of my signature style, right?) Of course there are those requisite periods of time where I am obsessed, say with a particular scarf, skirt, etc.

While I am sorting it out, I do have respect for those who are completely committed to their look. For example, fashion writer Lynn Yaeger, the very shy (not) Kanye West, dandy about town (eyebrow defined) Patrick McDonald, singer Kelis and of course Anna Wintour’s bob.

Lynn has maintained this same look (hair, makeup, etc) for years.

Lynn Yaeger

Whether it is casual or not, Kanye rocks the hell out of his outfits.

Kanye West

That eyebrow! 

Patrick McDonald

Kelis has great style, look at these high-waisted jeans. 


This bob is iconic at this point.

Anna Wintour

Do you guys have a signature style or a favorite article of clothing that you are loving right now or have loved?

♥ the alchemist

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      Claire Sep 17, 2007

      “I still can’t pin down what my definitive style is! Except that it has always been eclectic and I find that I like what I like. (Which I believe is part of my signature style, right?)”

      That’s so perfect – I would say exactly the same thing about my own wardrobe! I am extremely specific in my taste and sure about what I like or don’t like. It doesn’t fit into any category like minimal or decorative – and there’s no way of explaining it…I like what I like!

      Sarah Sep 17, 2007

      I have always loved cardigans over everything and own quite a collection. The longer ones that are popular now aren’t flattering on me, so I stick to those that fall from just under the bust to high hip. I also tend to wear skirts more than pants, vacillating between tight pencil and 5 yard New Look repros! I can’t decide between ballet flats and motorcycle boots though…

      Prêt-à-Porter Prostitute Sep 18, 2007

      Going through my closet I found one day when did I amass all these pintuck/tuxedo pleated-ness on shirts. And lately I’ve been a sucker for navy blue oversized tops.

      I guess a pair of black slim pants/jeans, really high heels, and lots of black are my signatures I guess.


      thealchemist Sep 18, 2007

      claire: someone who understands! that’s my new fashion motto. “i like what i like”

      sarah: i love cardigans too and the New Look reference. Those skirts must look amazing.

      h: it’s so good to go through the closet because you can really get a sense of what you are buying. nothing beats a slim line on the leg with heels.

      i love that you guys are aware of what works for you and looks good on you. i also found that a great fit with your clothes is so important.

      Sally Jane Sep 19, 2007

      I think pegging yourself into particular style is really limiting. I much rather dress with my moods than by placing an arbitrary set of rules on myself. One day I might feel like a 60’s Twiggy girl and the next like a 50’s housewife. Fashion should be fun and liberating. As long as it looks good on you, I say go for it. You can always have one signature thing you work into the look like your hairstyle or a particular accessory. I think mine might be ugly shoes!

      thealchemist Sep 20, 2007

      sally jane: “Fashion should be fun and liberating. As long as it looks good on you, I say go for it.” completely agree. (just saw your blog and i love it…your closet must be filled with such great things!)
      it is limiting to have one style but some people do fall into that category. for me, there isn’t one word that can sum it up because i like the fun aspect of dressing up and expressing myself. (that’s why we get thrown the eclectic bone)
      i do think that a lot of people are drawn to certain items or aesthetics that kind of end up into their closet.


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