Cinema Aesthetic

January 3, 2008

**This is the first in a new series on stylealchemy, titled Cinema Aesthetic, which explores the importance of wardrobe and set design within film (mostly) but may include music video and television**

There was a time, when I was a stylist’s assistant that I really considered getting into costume design for movies. Great acting is important but equally so are the sets, props and wardrobe. There have been many movies that I have sat watching in awe because the costumes felt so authentic, that I just wanted to reach out and touch them. Colleen Atwood is one of the best in my opinion and has designed for some of my favorite fashion movies, including Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, Chicago, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events and most recently Sweeney Todd (though I have not seen it yet).

What I love about the bits and pieces I’ve seen of Sweeney Todd is how wonderfully luscious Mrs. Lovett’s (Helena Bonham Carter) wardrobe is considering how dark the theme of the movie is.

Sweeney Todd
I’m a sucker for a parasol!
Sweeney Todd
Sweeney Todd
Sweeney Todd

Here is a wonderful behind-the-scenes look at Colleen Atwood’s ideas and the evolution of the design in the movie. What I would give to be allowed in that wardrobe area!!

♥ the alchemist

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      lady coveted Jan 03, 2008

      ah nice! i can’t wait to see more of these kinds of posts!

      you know it’s so strange how tim burton can make nightmares look normal and sunny beaches creepy…

      Alix Jan 04, 2008

      ho, very interesting, thanks for the video !

      Jill Jan 06, 2008

      Don’t know if the movies any good, but I love the screenshots. It’s all very beautiful in a dark, scary kind of way.

      thealchemist Jan 06, 2008

      lady coveted: thanks for the laugh. the nightmares do look normal but the beaches have this burtonesque appeal to it.

      alix: no problem, glad you like it.

      jill: completely agree about the weird beauty. i’ve heard pretty good things about the movie, but i have to be in a certain mood to see a musical

      bobble-bee Jan 18, 2008

      my favourite outfit in the movie is the one Sasha baron Cohen wears… ^_^
      i didn’t know you worked in movies! i have worked as a costume/wardrobe designer for movies for almost three years, now don’t do that many though, im more into commercials, but if a good projects knocks my door, there I go!

      thealchemist Jan 18, 2008

      bobble-bee: i saw a picture of his outfit and it is beautiful, well-tailored and fitted! oh, i didn’t work in movies, i seriously considered it but changed my mind. i worked with musicians and assisted mostly for music videos and a few magazines. i would love to hear more about some of your projects, i’m obsessed with design in any form.

      lovett colleen Apr 20, 2008

      […] of wardrobe and set design within film mostly but may include music video and television** T Family Genealogy ForumJun 7, 2002 … Re: David &amp Catherine lovett TRENTON, NJ – James […]


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