Dream of Flying

May 22, 2008

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This is the first half of a two-segment article

1. Dream of Flyin, 2. relocationist

“Life begets life, energy creates energy, it is by spending oneself that one becomes rich” – Sarah Bernhardt

The only way to truly make a change in your life is to initiate that change. Whether you want to eat healthy, live in another country or have a more active social life, the thought will only remain a dream unless you decide to make it a reality.

Too often, we tell ourselves that something can’t be done, that it is impossible, we’re crazy to think that we can make it happen. The sad part is that we usually don’t realize that we are sabotaging ourselves with the word play that occurs in our head.

The funny thing is that what most of our parents told us was the absolute truth: “You can be anything you set your mind to”

My belief is if you can dream it, you can create it.

This is not to say that just by imagining something that it will make it happen, no. I’m not talking about magic or wizardry.

What I mean is that by consistently focusing your thoughts on a goal that you physically begin to incorporate actions into your life that bring you closer to that goal. 

With a little bit of effort and energy on your part, we all have the ability to make our lives our own.

Let’s first figure out what it is that we truly want to do? This is a crucial step in visualizing and creating. You need a constant goal to focus on.

This is the part that many of us find hard to do. To actually pinpoint a goal and not just some general idea but something pretty specific.

Instead of:

I want to be famous.

For what? Why? You can be famous for something that you wouldn’t necessary want attached to your name. Hello, Monica Lewinsky?


I want to be a famous theater actor living in New York City with a successful run in a beloved musical with a TONY nomination, living my dream.

Take some time to ask yourself what is a secret desire, that thing that you could spend hours doing and be the most happiest?

In the next part, we’ll talk about ways to set your plans into motions.

♥ the alchemist

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      alina May 23, 2008

      you’re right! I’m happy since I’m fighting for that my dreams get real ! Little by little I’m DOING what I always dreamt of. It’s hard, but my life got a sense and my body’s getting roots. I feel rich of what I’m learning and rich of what I didn’t learn yet. I feel younger. I think we rest young until we’re curious about new things in life.

      thealchemist May 27, 2008

      your words make me so happy!! i love to hear about people who are following their dreams and making it work for them.


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