Dream of Flying, Part Deux

May 28, 2008

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This is the second half of a two-segment article. 

Dream of Flying, II
1. Learning to Fly, 2. dreams of being someone else.

Okay, if you missed the first part of this article, please clicky-clicky here to catch up.

So, I hope that you took some time to zone in on what exactly is your secret desire. Don’t feel inhibited or limited by boundaries or what others might think of you.

Now that you have some inkling of what you would love to spend everyday doing, this is the perfect opportunity to start putting your plan into action.

Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention that you need some type of plan. Think of it like a blueprint for a house. You need a foundation, a place to start. Really would you hire a contractor who showed up and said, well, I have this really wonderful idea in my head, no, no you don’t need to see it, trust me??

I would hope not.

If you want to be a stylist for musicians you need to figure out what that entails and the steps necessary for you to get there.

I repeat for you.

It’s not a bad idea to look at what others have done but if you spend too much time worrying about the things that you didn’t do exactly like them, you’ll miss the point.

A plan can be something as simple as 3 lines or as detailed as you want it to be. The point is that it has to be viable and flexible enough to accomodate whatever twists and turns that may occur along the way. Because there will be obstacles and some set-backs but you have to try to not be discouraged.

You have to see yourself at the finish line, in order to help you get there. And I don’t mean just a one-time deal. You have to see imagine that exhilirating feeling you get when you win something. Put yourself as the star of your dream consistently.

Now the most important part besides having a plan is you have to constantly visualize yourself achieving that goal. You have to sleep it, live it breathe it until you become it.

That is the key.

What we find hard to do is to keep this up and not let any obstacles or minor bumps in the road ruin our thoughts. When I wanted to make the transition from a regular job to working for myself, I had to sit down and think about how to make that a reality.

Would I have enough funds to survive?

Who were the editors that I needed to be in contact with to increase my freelancing business?

Then I focused and when an opportunity would arise even if it did not take the shape of what I had expected, I looked at it as a sign from the universe.

The funny thing is that even when I just had the idea to work for myself on my own terms, things really didn’t start falling into place until I had set a date in my head about when I wanted to make this transition.

Once that date was in place, everything accelerated to the point that I accomplished this first part of my goal before my deadline. When I started voicing my dreams and plans to others, I made a declaration of that intent which really helped to create an environment of people and supporters who encouraged my ideas and gave me confidence that it could be done.

So many artists, musicians and actors say that they used to dream about what they wanted and now that they are successful; what they had originally imagined doesn’t even compare to the reality.

Make your goal the primary focus of your life: to the point that you help to create opportunities that will lend themselves to your plan. There is really nothing stopping you from creating the life you have always imagined.

♥ the alchemist

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