35 Things to Do Before Summer Ends

June 27, 2012

Even though summer has just officially started, we are nearing the end of our Summer Issue. What better way to bring it to a close than with a few suggestions for you to enjoy the rest of these fleeting hazy, crazy days. A few years ago, I wrote a 5 part series called 25 Things to Do Before Summer Ends and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to re-use a lot of those ideas and add 10 more.

The point is to get out and enjoy every bit of this wonderful season. Share time with the people you love and make lasting memories. Once again, I will be crossing these items off my list and I hope that you will do the same. Happy Summering!

1. Bring back old school games. Take them outside and add water. Have a slip and slide or twister party.

2. Walk barefoot in the park, while flying a kite.

3. Have an impromptu picnic anywhere, think outside the box.

4. Invent something, anything.

5. Get a group of friends together and play tag.

6. Go to your local coffee shop or cafe with an outdoor bench/chairs. Sit there and people watch. Iced coffee, optional.

7. Volunteer. Give back to your community.

8. Find someone to kiss…often. Bonus points, if it’s during a summer rainstorm.

9. Incorporate your bathing suit into as many outfits as possible. It’s just not for swimming you know.

10. Amusement park time! Tilt-A-Wheel, Bumper Cars, Roller Coasters. Try going to one after sunset. Sit on the Wonder/Ferris Wheel with the night sky above and the twinkling lights below.

11. Open all the window in your place/room. Blast some classic summer tunes and dance to your own beat in your underwear.

12. Do something you’re afraid of.

13. Make a list of all the free outdoor summer concerts left. Try to go to as many as possible whether you like the music or not. Proceed to dance…

14. Set up a lemonade stand for an afternoon. Whether you charge or not is entirely up to you. Interact with as many people as possible.

15. Take leisurely bike rides around the city, through the park, up the block, to a friend’s house…

16. Go to the park and attempt to play bocce. Let the hilarity begin…

17. Take a mini road trip somewhere. Anywhere. Pick a place within thirty miles from where you live, put the pedal to the metal and go! Take lots of pictures. Extra points, if they’re polaroids or film.

18. Scribble random, inspirational messages on the sidewalk with colorful chunks of chalk.

19. Climb a tree or several. Make sure that you can get back down by yourself.

20. Watch the Olympics. Be inspired, be proud.

21. Go to a fresh produce market. Find the plumpest, freshest fruit that strikes your eyes. Devour it. Let the juice run down your chin and over your fingers.

22. Catch fireflies in a jar.

23. Go see a movie by yourself. Take refuge from the hot heat in the air-conditioned theater. Bring our own snacks if you want.

24. Tie a note to a helium balloon and let it go. It can be a love letter to the universe, to yourself, someone you lost, your hopes, anything.

25. Meander aimlessly around a semi-familiar neighborhood. Enjoy the surprises you see…

26. Get thee to the local sprinkler park and get wet! That’s an order. If you see an open hydrant jump in there first.

27. Do some DIY outside. Think the park, lake, even the subway platform. Extra points if you get mistaken for a panhandler and get sympathy change.

28. Do something exciting on a Rooftop. Throw a party, take pictures, watch a movie, etc.

29. Eat ice cream outside as much as possible. Try to find an old-fashioned ice cream parlor if you can and go there.

30. Find a pen pal. Write a letter (an actual physical letter) to someone and mail it.

31. Expand your culinary skills. Go to the library or used bookstore. Find an old baking filled with recipes. Pick one and try to make it.

32. Hula-hoop outside. See how long you can keep it up without it falling to the ground.

33. Be like Pinky and the Brain. But instead of trying to take over the world, think of ways to improve the world.

34. Organize a block party or go to one even if you live somewhere else. Make new friends.

35. See the sunrise from an interesting location.

photo credit: moejo

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      Jack Jul 17, 2012

      I shall attempt all of these.

        matra brathwaite Jul 21, 2012

        great! let me know how it turns out…


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