5 Corny Power Ballads That I’m Not Afraid to Blast at Top Volume

January 7, 2013

Power Ballads by nature are a little bit corny. I mean all that lovey-dovey, emotional crap with guitars and drums. And aren’t we’re supposed to feel some type of shame in knowing all the words or wanting to sing it at karaoke? But, I’m more than okay with listening to a power ballad in the company of *gasp* music elitists and holding my head up with pride.

You know why? Because if they would just loosen up for a minute, maybe they could enjoy the cheesiness of the song without feeling like their cool card is gonna be revoked.

And, truth be told, I have music elitist tendencies too. I’ve hated that an artist that I liked became super popular and the song I loved to play suddenly is everyone’s favorite new song. I’ve actually dropped some songs out of playlist rotation when they’ve reached a certain fever pitch level in the mainstream. Is is stupid? Of course.

But good lord, I LOVE a pop song. Will the hook get stuck in my head for a few hours? GREAT. I secretly love that crap.

I also like having friends ask me, “How do you know all the words to this?” Or “I can’t believe you listen to Top 40 radio?” Oh, pulllleasssee, Top 40 radio is perfect for cleaning your house and doing the laundry. Whatevs.

I embrace my pop song loving side along with my indie, alternative, side and everything in between. I will trek out to some secret show to see some experimental, noise band and also go see Rihanna in concert. #neaux1curr

Now, some people will argue that true power ballads are the ones made famous by 80’s metal/rock bands – which is definitely one popular type.  But by definition, a power ballad is a slow-tempo song that typically builds to a loud, emotional chorus backed by drums, electric guitars and sometimes a choir. And of course, not ALL power ballads are corny but these 5 are definite contenders.

So without further ado, here are 5 corny power ballads that I’m NOT ashamed to blast at top volume.

5. I spent a lot of my youth trying to figure out what the hell Meatloaf was talking about. What wouldn’t he do for love? As an adult, I still have no clue. Also, the video is 7:36 minutes inspired by Beauty & the Beast. It’s so ridiculously over the top and… I like it.

4. “It’s gonna take a lot to drag me awayyyy from youuuuu.” I don’t know what this song is about exactly, except something about the rains down in Africa. I DO know there’s a flute solo for Christ’s sake. And…I love it.

3. Singing “I wanna know what love is, I want you to show me”, is totally embarrassing but so satisfying. Seriously, just try it.

2. This is dramatically corny in the best possible way. If you’ve never sung this at the top of your lungs with your friends, then I don’t know what you’re doing with your life.

1. Celine Dion is like the epitome of corny. But I don’t care…that woman can sing and the video is gloriously ridiculous on so many levels. This right here is corny power ballad gold.

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