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Hey, lovelies!!

My name is Matra Brathwaite, a New York city native, creative maverick, style alchemist and all-around cool chick.

I’m an artist & writer by day and a perpetual, nocturnal ruminator.

I’m a strong believer in mixing mischief & mayhem with a dash of rebellion and a pinch of law-abidiness to keep the scales balanced.

As a renowned wordsmith, I constantly make up words, participate in impromptu dance-offs, talk out loud when no one’s around and hum while I eat.

If you feed me after midnight, I multiply and get into awesome adventures. By dawn, I’m back to normal.

I own a pocket-watch, monocle and a top hat because Mr. Peanut and the Artful Dodger are two of my style inspirations.

My musical tastes are eclectic but I love basically anything with a sick beat, because that’s the universal cue for me to shake my ass.

Alice in Wonderland and Roald Dahl stories have left an indelible mark on my twisted imagination, meaning that I occasionally have tea with both Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. But no crumpets. That’s just too obvious.

I believe in authenticating yourself, living for each moment and manifesting your own destiny.

I started stylealchemy as an outlet for my creative ideas and love of art and fashion but have always had the intention to expand it into a community of independent thought leaders, which hopefully means you!!

If you’d like to get in touch feel free to email me: stylealchemy@gmail.com.

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the alchemist