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January 3, 2013

Here are a few images that I found inspiring. These rainbow Issey Miyake pleats that cover practically the entire body except for the face and a few tufts of hair. Talk about texture. I LOVE black & white photography. It has the ability to make such a statement – like this photo of Liv Tyler in the 1990s. Even though the focus is on her, you can still feel the energy of Times Square in the background which helps to make her look like the coolest angel dressed all in white. This photo is brilliant. Everything is so soft & muted except for that creamy, red lipstick.

November 19, 2012

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You guys, 90s fashion does not only consist of baggy clothes, boot-cut jeans and grunge. Please refer to the picture above for really good 90s fashions. Who is that model, you’re wondering? That is Krissy Taylor. During the early 90s, sisters Krissy and Niki Taylor were fresh-faced models who were everywhere until Krissy’s sudden death at the age of 17.  Before that, they were high-fashion’s only sister modeling duo. In fact, look at this video interview to take a peek behind the scenes of the Taylor sisters. Anyway, back to THE plaid mini. I’m pretty sure I had an outfit similar to this in the late 90s. And, you know what? I want it again. Let’s dissect the ensemble. I mean, there’s: Plaid.   Mini.   Suspenders.  Long-sleeve turtleneck.  Suede...