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May 2, 2012

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There are lots of traits that can be passed down from generation to generation – including style. Some families seem to radiate great fashion sense and recently some of these stylish sisters seem to be infiltrating our pop culture. Now, if you think it’s hard enough be the little sister in general try growing up in the spotlight of a famous older sister. Some baby sisters have managed to cleverly carve out their own niche while others remain forever lost in the shadows of the bigger, brighter personality. Let’s hear it for the younger sisters who are making it on their own accord while sizzling on the style scene. Here are some younger sisters who are either leading or on par with their fashionable older sister(s). 1. ELIZABETH OLSEN Granted,...

April 5, 2012

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Okay, I’m one of those women that like DIY – in theory. I feed myself the fantasy that after seeing something I like, I’ll be so inspired to re-create it myself. Ha. Let me tell you, there are very few DIY’s that I have actually COMPLETED. Not for lack of trying but I tend to get tired of things rather quickly. If I don’t have the materials right on hand, then you can rest assured that the idea is going straight into my never gonna happen file. But for 2012 I have decided to embrace my creative side that actually likes to make things. So, I’ve done a few projects here and there but I am finally ready to commit to an idea that’s going to require me to get...