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March 23, 2010

How is it that I still don’t have any jewelry from Digby & Iona??? I first wrote about them back in 2007 because of this awesome stag ring. I still covet it.

March 11, 2010

crushin designers matra brathwaite 2 Comments

I have a thing about jewelry, especially rings. Bigger=Better. Bolder=Better. Except for a few keepsake rings I have, the majority of my rings are either huge, cocktail, vintage or a combination of all. This is why I have a thing for these wooden rings from I Am Dorkas. Yes, wooden! Plus, they have a sculptural beauty to them that I really love. Look at how gorgeous the Riptide ring is. Good thing it can be resized because I’m seriously thinking that I might need this in my jewelry life : Or the aptly named, Lights Out, which really packs a punch. The Time Stamp ring is a hand-hammered brass two-finger beauty: Designer Mariana Dorkas Jamadi has made this business a family affair working with both her mother and her beau...