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November 13, 2012

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Welcome back to Theme Show Tuesday. Why don’t you sit back and get comfortable while we talk about this week’s song? Pretty Little Liars is an ABC Family show about…well, pretty little liars. Talk about succinct and to the point. Here’s the backstory: This melodrama follows the lives of 4 teens whose lives start to unravel when their Regina George, I mean, Alison something or other disappears. A whole year later, they each start receiving mysterious texts about their secrets from someone named A. Hmmmm? Logically, they think it’s Alison until her body is discovered. Whoops!….there goes that theory. Basically, they spend their time trying to figure out who else knows all their dirt. Aaaand, making sure that the rest of the world doesn’t find out their shady business either. Blah, blah,...