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April 7, 2010

Aloha Lovelies! To welcome in this glorious season, I am leaving you with a Spring Mix Playlist for you to entertain your ears with. A little Kate Bush, Steely Dan (blame my Dad for my love of the song Peg), Dirty Projectors and Solange to get your foot tapping. I will probably be listening to this, sprawled out in the green, green meadow at the park, sipping on raspberry lemonade. Source Word… ♥ the alchemist

March 10, 2010

For anyone who isn’t in the NY city area, you may not know about the ridiculously lovely weather we’ve been experiencing lately. People have been walking around practically in a daze, stunned by the warmth of the sun and the thought of not having to wear five layers in order to keep warm. I think we say this every year, that the winter was the worst we had but this year takes the cake. I mean we’ve experienced about three blizzards! The latest one happened on me and the boy’s date night and we went out into the slushy abyss anyway in defiance of the weather gods. So, we’ve been granted a reprieve and the warm weather has been wonderful. I can’t help but think about all the things that...

March 18, 2009

I don’t know about you but this winter kicked my ass! Usually, I’m down for the cold, the layers, the inevitable hibernating and most importantly, the inspiration. There have been times when I get some of best ideas during the winter and I hatch them just in time for the spring.

February 4, 2009

Around this time of year, it always happens like clock-work. I start getting tired of winter, of all the cold and the slushy ice and my mind drifts to spring and the thought of wearing outfits without having to be bundled up under a wool coat. Spring dresses, sandals, frolicking in the grass without shoes. I also immediately associate spring with bright colors, patterns and a general sense of happiness. Looking at Risto Bimbiloski’s Spring/Summer 2009 collection, I don’t get that same candy-colored neverland that I imagine. Instead the palette is neutral in black and white but that doesn’t stop me from wanting a few items. I am in love with this knit dress and shrug!!! ♥ the alchemist