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June 1, 2012

Welcome to June and most importantly our inaugural debut of monthly themes. To kickstart this off – we’re taking the whole month of June to celebrate the wonderfully hazy, lazy days of summer. Most people have the best memories when it comes to how they spent their summer and to this day you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t get excited about longer days, warmer weather, trips to the beach, picnics, etc. For those of us who are still in school, summer is the symbol of freedom from homework and routine. Even, if you haven’t seen the inside of an educational institution in many years, summer still represents hanging out with friends after work, vacations, etc. There’s still this sense of freedom associated with summer that we can’t shake...

May 11, 2009

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Hey lovelies, I am very happy to say that stylealchemy is officially two years old!!! Yay!! Instead of ushering in the terrible twos, we’ve decided that it’s time for a few changes to take effect. The vision of this blog part has changed dramatically from the very first post in May 2007.  As a result, there will be a brief hiatus from stylelachemy but we will be re-launching on June 9, 2009. I look forward to these new changes and I think you guys will be pretty pleased also. Thanks again for all the readers and everyone who has passed through this little space in the interwebs…. mucho, mucho love!!!!